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Wood Floor Sanding

Wood is a beautiful finish to have in any home. Whether on a patio, a kitchen table or surface, or as bedroom flooring, wood gives the home a rustic and down to earth feel. In order for the wood to continue looking fresh and new, wood polishing is a necessary process.

Wood polishing can take time and effort. In a nutshell, when we polish wood, we are wood sanding multiple times to remove the imperfections and provide a clean and even finish. Wood sanding can take time, especially on a large surface. In fact, wood polishing can involve up to fourteen steps because we will constantly be wood sanding and applying polish followed by drying and sanding all over again. This repeated process removes any bubbles or uneven marks, but it is meticulous. We do it this way to ensure a perfect finished product. At our company, anything less than perfection is not acceptable.

The finishes used in the process of wood polishing can vary as well, depending on what look you are trying to achieve. For example, you may want a finish that is water based or one that is wax based. Moreover, each finish has its own set of specifications regarding the method of application and necessary safety measures that are involved. Thus, we put time and effort into understanding your wood polishing process before we lay out a plan to follow.

Wood sanding and wood polishing on a large surface can be even more involved, as you might imagine. Due to the large surface we are dealing with, there may be many imperfections to sort out while wood sanding. But, we will make you aware of this as we progress. In addition, there may be many coats of finish that are needed to make sure there are no trapped air bubbles that might ruin the final look. Indeed, wood polishing on a large scale is something our company takes pride in doing well.

Big or small, wood polishing is an excellent thing to have done to take care of the wood in your surroundings. It keeps it clean and this is fantastic for your health as well as for the look of the home.

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