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Marble polishing

Marble is a beautiful and costly material. It is used as a high-end finish in homes and is comfortable to walk on while helping keep the house cool. Marble can come in various shapes and sizes and can be used in many different portions of the house such as kitchen islands, living room floors, or even outdoor space. Because marble is such an expensive and beautiful piece of material in any home, we will help you keep it polished and looking new!

Marble polishing is a complicated process. Even testing the marble to determine what cleaning method to use can involve using vinegar, scratching or more. This determines if the marble is natural or curated, affecting the process that we must use to clean it. When it comes to marble polishing let us help. We know what type of marbles need what type of care. And we do it with the best equipment in the most careful manner possible.

Marble polishing on your own involves multiple steps and ingredients. It can include as many as eleven steps, using baking powder mixed with certain liquids. There is a certain way to actually clean the marble and let it sit and this is only for a small piece of marble. Marble cleaning for a larger surface can be even more time and labor intensive when you attempt to do it yourself. As you would be using a liquid to clean the surface, this process is known as wet polishing. Thus, hiring our company means you do not have to guess. We take the guesswork out of the equation for you.

There is a different way to polish marble called marble sanding. Marble sanding involves using equipment that removes fine layers of the marble until it appears polished. The time and labor that it will require will depend on the size of the marble-polishing job that you have in mind. Keep in mind that this work will kick up some dust so you will need to clean up afterwards. However, with this method of marble polishing, considered dry polishing, we will get the job done the fastest because of the use of equipment.

No matter what method you use –wet or dry– marble polishing will give your marble a shiny and new appearance. In addition, after the marble sanding or marble polishing process, we will apply a protectant at the end to keep your hard work intact. This will also helps protect the marble from future minor damage. Marble sanding and marble polishing does not have to be a costly project, but to have it done right, call us today.

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