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Floor sanding is one of the best ways to revive an old, worn floor to its former glory. This is a task best left to the professionals, however, as the right techniques, the right materials, and the right equipment are necessary in order to provide you with a result that will meet your expectations. Hiring a professional for your floor sanding task requires finding an individual with knowledge of floor sanding and the ability to provide you with a comprehensive budget. In order to understand why you should hire the best floor sanding Ealing has to offer, here’s everything you need to know about floor sanding.

There are a wide variety of floors that can be sanded. All types of woods are the most common when it comes to floor sanding, but concrete, marble, stone, and more are also able to be sanded to restore a smooth and beautiful finish. The first stage is to examine the material and to make sure it can be sanded. There are then three stages, including preparation of the floor, floor sanding, and coating. The best floor sanding Ealing has to offer will make sure that all of those steps are properly followed.

The equipment used for floor sanding includes large floor belt sanders, in addition to a smaller range of floor sanding tools specifically for the edges of rooms and stairs. We always take care not to damage the floor or the surrounding walls or design features during our service.

Preparation of the floors will usually start with hammering in any nails that may sticking out of the surface. The floor sanding machines are checked to make sure no materials or debris from previous jobs will hinder them. Then, an initial sanding is performed. This removes a fine layer of the floor, evening it out. Our floor sanding Ealing services do not stop there—we do not finish until the floor is completely even and is then covered in a protective sealant.

In some instances, floor sanding Ealing services will find damage to the floor that cannot be remediated by sanding. We may take steps right then and there to repair the floor, or we may recommend an expert. No matter what we do, we make sure that you are informed.

For the very best floor sanding Ealing has to offer and premium customer service, contact Floor Restoration Team on +44 203 670 5800 today!

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