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Floor Restoration in London

Many scenarios can call for floor restoration; for instance, your floor may be old, you had water or fire damage, or perhaps another natural disaster occurred that requires your floor restoration in London to become a sudden priority. Moreover, perhaps something fell that caused major damage to the floor. Any of these are cause for floor restoration, which can take on many forms. Our company is well versed in all of these situations and more. And we will asses the damage and perform the needed solutions to make your floors as good as new.

Floor Sanding

If your floor restoration in London is minor, we may just apply sanding. This requires working with the top level of your floors to take care of nicks, dings, or scratches that won’t come off. Or, if the wood is warped, we may have to sand and refinish, a process that is well worth the investment to keep your floors looking and working like new. We will give you a free consultation and quote to ensure the project fits in your budget.

Floor Replacement

Replacement may be needed if small amounts of the floor or even large amounts are too damaged to simply sand and refinish. This may also be the case if your wood is not thick enough to meet safety requirements. The cost and timeline of floor replacement depends on how much of the floor is damaged. When exploring your options for floor restoration in London in the form of floor replacement, our company performs a proper inspection and makes the necessary recommendations. We work with you to get the job done right the first time!

Floor Repair

Sometimes, we are able to work out stains and blemishes without having to do major work; however, this depends on the stain or blemish itself. Our professionals will help determine if your situation is a candidate for a quick, minor fix.

When considering floor restoration, acknowledge that it may involve one or many processes such as minor repairs, sanding and repolishing, or replacement of the damaged portions. However, in more severe cases, floor restoration may also include a combination of the steps listed above as part of a complex restoration process. Furthermore, depending on the type of floor that you have, there may be different steps and elements we will consider when facing a floor restoration. No matter what the reason you are getting a floor restoration in London, our company will work with you to ensure you understand what we are doing, it fits in your budget and time frame, and is done professionally so you can get back to your daily routine.

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Areas we cover:

Our areas of service cover the central part of London, and most of Greater London. Even more, we can complete Floor Restoration orders outside London. Here is a list of some of our top priority areas.

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