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London Floor Polishing

Polishing hardwood floor keeps the finish that already exists on it instead of replacing the finish, unlike what most people believe. This is an important distinction because if you have your floors polished thinking you will end up with a different look, you may be disappointed. Floor polishing works with what you have and makes it appear as if it was just put on for the first time. When thinking of floor polishing in London, hiring the best in our company to perform the processes correctly and without hassle.

How Floor Polishing Works

We start Floor polishing by evening out layers on the floor and contributing to floor cleanliness. Our floor polishing acts as a protector from dust and scratches; however, like most things, if you do not keep the floor cleaning to keep the new shine from the polish present, then it will deteriorate and expose the floor to damage. When floor polishing, we ensure that all objects are removed from the area and that the area is cleaned via a wet mop. At this point, our company comes in handy because our experts can move things around safely and help make sure that nothing gets damaged. Once we get to the polishing portion, it is a matter of applying the finish we helped you choose and spreading it out evenly. Then, we let the polishing dry. The length of time that it will take for floor polishing in London to be complete depends on the size of the area, but our company will let you know this before we get started.

How we Apply the Polish

Floor polishing involves the following four simple steps:

What Floor Polish we Use

Our experts will help determine type of floor polish that is best for the kind of flooring you have. To assess your needs and recommend what is best to use, we will visit your property and do a free viewing of your floor. There is no "one size fits all solution", and we advise you of proper protocol so you know what to expect during the process.

Being a respected floor polishing company in London, we will ensure that you are well informed of the whole process. Floor polishing in London is an involved and delicate project, and we are here to help make is seamless for you.

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Areas we cover:

Our areas of service cover the central part of London, and most of Greater London. Even more, we can complete Floor Polishing orders outside London. Here is a list of some of our top priority areas.

Battersea | Bromley | Catford | Chelsea | Croydon | Greenwich | Hampstead | Islington | Kensington | Kingston | Sutton |

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