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Floor Restoration Team, floor polishing company Catford!

Floor polishing is so much more than just making a floor shiny. Our Catford floor sanding and polishing services allow you to make the most of the polish already on your floors, instead of having to have the floor refinished or replaced. Many people get their floors polished and expect their floors to look completely different, resulting in a disappointment. What floor polishing does is completely restore your floors to their original shine, buffing away dullness.

What Is Floor Polishing Catford?

Over time, floors collect dust, residue, and grime. Even the cleaners that you use to sanitize your floor may actually leave behind a residue that dulls its appearance. Floor polishing doesn't just even out the layer of polish on your floor, it also makes your floor cleaner. Our services will prevent dust and scratches from making your floor look drab. During the floor polishing process, we remove all necessary furniture and objects from the floor, we clean the area. Our team is skilled at clearing and cleaning a room, to prevent damage. Floor polishing then begins, applying a finish that matches the needs of your material and the result you desire, and then we spread it evenly. The polish must dry completely before the room can be used again, and we will tell you how long this will be before we start the floor polishing service.

How We Apply Polish

Our process of applying polish to the floors is easy and is comprised of four stages. First, we present you with our plan so you know exactly what is going to happen to your floors. Second, we apply the polish in small sections with a pad or roller. Smaller areas allows us to make sure the polish is smooth and applied properly, before it begins to dry. Third, we smooth the polish with the grain of the flooring. Fourth, we use a special feathering technique to make sure the polish is even.

What Polish We Use

One of the benefits of working with us is having the help of a skilled floor polishing expert when it comes time to choose your polish. We use only the best brands and can help you pick a polish based on what you want the finished result to be.

Floor Restoration Team's services are the best floor polishing Catford has to offer. Call us today on +44 203 670 5800. We look forward to working with you!

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